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The ultimate role of government is to protect our inalienable rights. All too often I think our elected officials come to think of themselves more as "officials" instead of servants of the people. The people we elect to represent us, seem to forget this. My goal, if elected, will be to listen to YOU! From many years of conversations with you in various settings, below are the issues I believe are most important and that are important to you too.




The Second Amendment stands as one of the most important foundations of our great country. It's imperative for the continued flourishing of our country that we not only protect the Second Amendment, but also protect and shield gun owners from unnecessary regulations.


Pro Legacy, Blue Collar, Wyoming Industry

I am a firm supporter of Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Coal, Logging, and Mining. Food and energy independence are the two most important  things that are needed for our country to survive despite what is going on around the world. I will always support these industries. They are the backbone of our country's freedom. They don't impact wildlife corridors, and actually increase productivity of the land. The Federal overreach in all of these industries is destroying Wyoming! 


Wyoming First

As a sixth-generation sheep rancher, I have experienced federal overreach in my own life. I have experienced what happens when Wyoming is NOT put first. We should never let the Federal Government dictate what Wyoming can do. As your Senator, I will always vote in favor of Wyoming FIRST!


Reduced Government

I stand for fiscal responsibility and reducing pork barrel government spending. When the government overspends and creates new programs, it always leads to higher taxes and government overreach. We must protect the citizens by maintaining a small government in all areas.



There's nothing more important than family! I am a strong advocate for parental rights in education as well as the belief in educational freedom and school choice. Parents and family (not government) must always be in the driver's seat.



I believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception and ends with natural death.


Election Integrity

Fair elections are a fundamental right for Wyomingites. As your Senator I will always advocate for accountability and transparency in elections.


Medical Freedom

We saw gross government overreach during Covid; none of which was necessary and much of it harmed our citizens. From mandatory masking to forced vaccines  and nefarious hospital protocols, I will advocate for medical decisions to be left up to the individual. The government should never dictate our medical treatment.  I will NEVER vote to close schools, churches, or businesses.


Fairness for Girls in Sports

With transgender ideologies seeping into our culture, we must stand up for the innocent children caught in the crossfire. Boys should never be allowed in girls locker rooms or bathrooms and vice-versa. Boys and girls need separate spaces when they are in vulnerable places. Furthermore, we must protect our girls in athletics where they could get injured or be given an unfair disadvantage.


Protection of Children

Growing up, I was a tomboy, often wishing that I actually was a boy. Today, confusion and mental health issues are being created in our children through transgender ideology. Children are not being recognized as perfect in their most true form. Parents are misled to believe that if they don’t comply with radical medical treatments, their son or daughter will commit suicide and in some circumstances have been removed from the home. Children do not have the mental capacity to understand the long term consequences of these decisions. LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!

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